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Private Ambulance Service Klang

At Elmer Ambulance, we handle patient shifting, clinical assistance for occasions and that is only the start of our variety of services. Our private ambulance service Klang has been a fundamental patron of crisis standard of care, in out-of-facility care and occasion emergency clinical help community, working from one side of the country to the next, providing whole coverage.

We have an extensive variety of medical support services inclusion accommodated Government and confidential events, covering everything and gigantic degree occasions, close by pre-center consideration, patient long distance move and clinical preparation. We are passionate in offering significantly ready, experienced, and capable clinicians across the entirety of our service spots.

We constantly improve, highly versatile and constantly assimilate state of the art tech, data and system to give most significant level of service to our patients and clients.

paramedic pushing patient stroller into the malaysia ambulance


Elmer Ambulance gives a complete list of ambulance service Klang for event and on the spot out-of-center/emergency care to additionally delay survivability, patient shifting operation and medical training. We are achieved in organizing and working with little to gigantic event occurrences, complex patient transportation and on site medical support and emergency backup plans. Coming up next is more on the details of what our ambulance service Klang offer in actual:

emergency ambulance service malaysia
  • Crisis-Response Ambulance Services

Elmer Ambulance is focused on giving service of the highest standard on ambulance Klang services. Our high-level accomplished Paramedic individuals will assist with guaranteeing your appearance to the closest clinical help office in a protected and cautious manner.

patient transport service malaysia
  • Patient Transports

Our detailed care for our patients is the fundamental that keeps us on the top. Whether we’re taking you in short distance transfer or long interstate and even cross-country, the good wellness of our patients is the principal drive at our association.

long distance ambulance transfer in malaysia
  • Interstate Transfers

Elmer Ambulance conveys life support whether if it’s a basic or high level degree of medical support equipment is required for significant distance move of the patient. Be it inside a state or Federal District like Kuala Lumpur or across the whole Malaysia, we move our patient with utmost care as agreeable and as safe as could be expected.

Medical Transport Service in malaysia
  • Medical Transport Service

Elmer Ambulance moreover orchestrates medical patient move to all who are really in dire need and need assistance to be moved somewhere else. Our warm and talented bunch of officers and staffs will promise you have a pleasant excursion. You could get in touch with us for booking, and for various necessities. Fill up our form and we will get back to you!

We offer different sorts of medical support for the public emergency response force, as well as private ambulance service across Singapore and Klang. We hold profoundly in our heart to be the “One Stop” centre for all essential client needs.

International Medical Assistance Malaysia
  • International Medical Assistance

It is our need in ensuring a smooth cycle across complex coordinated efforts between transporters, security, clinical personnel and facilities for our clients and patients.

Enquire our ambulance service and get 24-hour backup support from wherever in Klang.

medical standby ambulance service malaysia
  • Medical Standby

Each event needs a few actionable steps to be taken to ensure safety and wellbeing of everyone in the vicinity. Our ambulance service Klang gives fundamental clinical treatment and medical aid for infinite number of events. We support to some degree for the most part safe events, for instance, corporate gatherings, events with high risk of danger, for instance, fitness challenges in rural areas, long distance cycling or filming of stunt scenes, etc. With our tremendous association with offering on standby ambulance service in Klang, we have the highly qualified and prepared staff so you stay safe during the progression of your planned events.

Advanced Life Support equipped ambulance malaysia
  • Advanced Life Support

Our paramedic team are ready in performing cardiovascular observation, medical treatments, and ventilator support. From home, nursing homes or far distance relocation, we got you covered from head to toe.

Contact us today and see how we can help up in fulfilling the essential medical support that you may need.

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Why Choose Our Ambulance Service KLANG?


Our arsenal of ambulances includes totally pre-arranged emergency response and paramedic vehicles, non-emergency transporters, wheelchair vans and backing trucks with the expectation of complimentary roadside salvage vehicle changing.

Our ambulances are furnished with principal and undeniable level life support, dependent upon needs including powerload beds, two-way concentrated contraptions, salvage vehicle GPS following. Here’s additional motivations to choose our service:

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Trained And Competent Ambulance Crew

Professional Services That Emphasises On High-Quality Standards Of Care

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Extensive years of tack-record of successfully providing ambulance and medical care. We proudly serve all the states within Malaysia and are working with area hospitals and healthcare centers for certified emergency and interfacility transports.

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All staff have extensive tertiary qualifications and training in out-of-hospital care.

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We have been there for our clients every day for every time of need and beyond. Our ambulance service has a well-earned reputation that is based on proficient and timely responsiveness to individual and community medical transport needs for more than 50 years.

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Value adding & Client focused

We work closely with you and maintain a solution driven ‘client first’ focus.

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Continuously improving and implementing state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge and procedures.

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Skillful Paramedic Ambulance Klang Ready To Serve

A paramedic is a pre-arranged clinical master who is proficient about giving quick emergency clinical assessment and treatment to people. Our paramedics are ready and experienced in giving emergency clinical thought to people who have had a coronary malfunctions, a stroke, spinal injuries, diabetic emergencies, breathing inconveniences among other wellbeing related emergencies.





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Contact Us For Our Standby Ambulance Services Klang

Following are the places where the facilitators or people in charge should consider having our ambulance service Klang on standby to ensure that the patient gets required clinical care in case of an emergency:


Our ambulance services play three critical roles: the first is to act as life support for patients in times of an emergency, the second is for patient transfers and the third is for standby emergency medical services.

The goal of Elmer Ambulance Malaysia services is to ensure that the patient gets dependable prehospital medical care during emergencies. Ambulance services improve people’s access to medical care since ambulances work 24 hours and also because they transfer patients to healthcare facilities from rural or remote areas. Ambulances are linked to a very strong network of telephone health services which aids the communication infrastructure required to provide quality and prompt healthcare to patients.

First Responders and Paramedics that come along with ambulance services are trained and experienced in the know-how of how to respond to medical and trauma emergencies. They are highly trained clinicians who can offer first aid and treatment in cases of a wound, illness, chronic condition or trauma. 

They are equipped with providing timely care and they have an organized system for treatment and first aid that aims to ensure that they can reduce the severity of damage caused to the patient during the time of a medical emergency or accident.

Over and above this, with the use of ambulance equipment and expertise of the paramedics, effective assessment, management and transfer of patients is possible in risky and stressful circumstances. What makes first responders and paramedics unique in their ability to help and treat patients is that they have the ability and training to provide services of a range of different medical professionals all by themselves. 

The fact that they can provide immediate and quick care without panicking or feeling stressed or burdened is what helps them save lives. Ambulance operators also play a key role because they are constantly in touch with hospitals, and that allows them to ensure that the patients receive the right medical services at the right time.

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Leading provider of ambulance service for crisis standard of care, in out-of-hospital care and event emergency team, operating nationwide in Malaysia.

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